Don Cheadle Confirms Appearance in ‘The Falcon and the Winter Soldier’

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The Marvel Cinematic Universe is growing and starting to become more and more interconnected. WandaVision already set the first steps, as classic characters like Darcy Lewis and Jimmy Woo had a larger role in the overarching narrative. Now, it seems like Falcon and the Winter Soldier has one icon from the franchise making an appearance. In an interview with the BroBible’s Post-Credit Podcast, the actor may have accidentally revealed that he will be making an appearance in Falcons and the Winter Soldier. In the interview, he states that:

It’s really a fun and interesting and, by all imagination, completely open-ended — this can go anywhere. It’s great, I can’t wait to get in the room with the writers and figure out how all those things [connecting Armor Wars to the MCU] happen. You know, Rhodey shows up in Winter Soldier and Falcon’s show. So, it can be a lot.

Cheadle might have joined the ranks of Mark Ruffalo and Tom Holland, who are notorious for accidentally leaking information on the films. His addition also opens up the wider universe, as we didn’t know what role War Machine would have after Avengers. Endgame. There is also a chance that the storyline of Armor Wars may also connect to the series. Rhodey is also in a similar spot to Sam, as he will have to carry on the suit that many connect with Iron Man. Even if he has a different branding, it still is heavily tied to Tony. I can imagine Sam and Bucky meeting up with him to get their hand on some information, or even the plane we see them take in the latest trailer. Whatever his role may be, it is always great to see Cheadle return, and cannot wait to see what the MCU has in store for his character.

Source: BroBible

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