Don’t Expect New MCU Characters in ‘What If’

what if new characters

We’re only over a week away from Marvel Studios’ new venture on Disney+. Not just that, it’ll be their first animated series that explores the vast multiverse introduced in Loki. The creative team behind the series confirmed they weren’t restricted by other series exploring this concept. Yet, it seems there was one specific rule set by Marvel Studios’ head Kevin Feige. In an interview with the Malaysian site Kakuchopurei, director Bryan Andrews revealed that they weren’t allowed to introduce new characters.

We basically had operating instructions from Kevin Feige. Basically, we can’t introduce anyone or any character that hasn’t already been introduced in an MCU movie. You won’t be seeing, like, some random person pop up from the comics or other franchises that we hadn’t seen already in MCU proper

It’s an interesting rule to set. While it makes sense they would want to focus on What If scenarios featuring well-known characters, they could’ve added some characters that normally would never get the spotlight in a film or series. Yet, it also opens up the possibility they might have some plans after all.

Of course, it’s also a way to avoid theories surrounding these newly introduced characters existing during the original run. It could cause some continuity errors if they plan on introducing these characters in a future series or film if one looks too deeply into their appearance. We still don’t know how they’ll tackle the multiverse in the future, and if this might also connect to Loki‘s He Who Remains storyline. We got introduced to Kang. So, he could technically appear.

Source: Kakuchopurei

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