‘DuckTales’ Ending With a Three-Season Run in 2021

Looks like the popular Disney XD series is coming to an end, as DuckTales will not return beyond its current third season. It may have been one of my favorite reboots of a classic animated series. Similar to 2012’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, the show combined every aspect of the franchise. It paid tribute to the original Uncle Scrooge comics while also combining it with elements of the original 1987 series. It even paid tribute to the iconic video games, such as the moon melody making an appearance. We had an amazing overarching secret that finally let us meet Della Duck, the triplet’s mother. Sadly, the series is ending its run with the current season with the following statement by Disney XD:

“The talented creative team, led by Matt Youngberg and Francisco Angones, have delivered exceptional storytelling with uniquely reimagined characters for three seasons of 75 episodes and more than 15 shorts. While physical production has wrapped, ‘DuckTales’ continues to be available on Disney Channels and Disney+ around the world and fans will get an epic season finale in 2021.”

Sadly, Disney is known to cut many series short. It is sad, as the updated cast of characters truly made them their own, especially David Tennant as Scrooge McDuck. There is one glimmer of hope as the series introduced a variety of minor characters that could spin-off into a series. There is already a Darkwing Duck reboot in the works, so that will hopefully continue where this series started the character. Especially, their unique take on Negaduck set up quite a lot of potential. Gizmo Duck is also a perfect character to give his series that could have our favorite icons to make their return.

I’d even want to see a story focused on Donald as he adjusts to his life without adventure. Maybe combine it with a Goof Troop reboot, especially after Goofy made his appearance in an earlier episode. I still want to see Duck Avenger, or Phantomias as he was called in Austria, get his series. Have to say, this getting canceled after only three seasons is sad, but it looks like the team is ending it on their note, so I cannot wait to watch the series’ finale next year.

Source: Variety

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