‘Dune’ and ‘Godzilla vs. Kong’s Legendary Entertainment Open to Sale or Merger

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It looks like another production company is seeking a potential merger, as Legendary Entertainment is exploring sales options. This news drops right after they unveiled the new trailer for Dune, which has quite a bit of hype behind it. It’s also surprising if you consider its release of Godzilla vs. Kong as one of the few blockbusters during the pandemic era. It even revived the franchise, which was seeing a drop in Box Office since the launch of its first Monsterverse film in 2014.

It seems that there have been discussions since April. Discussions have picked up in pace in the last few weeks. The timing is quite curious as A24, Imagine Entertainment, and Hello Sunshine are also actively seeking a potential sale. Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer is still getting their purchase by Amazon signed off. There’s also the WarnerMedia and Discovery merger that needs a governmental sign-off. Iit seems very likely that Warner Bros. might be the most interested in purchasing the production company. They’ve worked on most projects in the past, but it’s a free-for-all moving forward.

Of course, there’s also the chance they would merge with smaller production companies, or a competition purchases them. Variety states that the company has seen a steady cash flow but still would be under the $3.5B it was acquired for in 2016. The pandemic played a key part in many smaller production companies’ development. It would be quite a twist if Disney acquires the company. Godzilla used to appear in Marvel comics. So, it would be quite the twist if they acquire the rights to the characters and he gets to face off against Marvel heroes

Source: Variety

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