Debra Wilson, Steve Blum, And More Join ‘Marvel’s Avengers’ Black Panther Expansion

avengers black panther

Next month, Marvel’s Avengers will release its first expansion War for Wakanda. We’ll get introduced to a new Wakanda and Christopher Judge as T’Challa. We got a brief voice line from Klaue, who’s the main antagonist of the expansion in the first trailer. It hinted that the iconic Steve Blum joined the project, but there was no confirmation. Luckily, they took to Twitter and revealed the voice cast for the upcoming expansion, which includes Debra Wilson, Erica Luttrell, Dave Fennoy, and, as theorized, Steve Blum.

The game has been piling on a memorable voice cast since the game first got revealed in 2019. The above-mentioned will join Christopher Judge in bringing this game’s version of Wakanda to life. It got confirmed some time ago that everything in this expansion will fit the new environment. So, they didn’t re-use any assets to ensure it’s a whole new world that the Avengers are about to enter.

We got some teases by Evan Narcisse and Hannah MacLeod that we’ll see a unique dynamic between the characters. T’Challa and Shuri aren’t as close as they are in the movies. His time on the throne has given him a very different view of Wakanda’s future, which will lead to many conflicts. Okoye remains loyal to Wakanda but will still voice her opinion quite openly. Dave Fennoy‘s Zawavari is still a mystery and might have a minor role in the story.

Source: Twitter

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