Early ‘Eternals’ Scripts Included El Vampiro at One Point

It’s not uncommon for characters or plot points to eventually get dropped at some point in development. At the beginning of the month, we learned from director Chloé Zhao that Eternals almost featured twelve main characters. It turns out these characters were Zuras and Elysius, but there was a thirteenth member that was scrapped at some point in development. Writers Kaz and Ryan Firbo discussed their work on the film in Deadline’s Hero Nation Podcast. Here, they unveiled that the Eternal Vampiro was included in the script at one point.

We could say like who the other Eternals [that were cut] were? I mean, one of them was Vampiro.

Ryan Firbo

Kaz Firbo also highlighted that he was going to be the luchador version from the comics, who was known by the stage name El Vampiro. He also had a sizeable role as the points out “there were dozens of pages of Vampiro.” Similar to Kingo, he was active during his time on Earth as a professional wrestler before a Deviant disguised as El Toro Rojo. It seems they received a binder with all members of the Eternals they’re allowed to use in the film and offered a little look into how they chose.

There are literally hundreds of Eternals. We were given a binder when we started this process. Ryan and I just sat down and we flicked through the pages, and we picked the ones that we thought could best reflect the world, whose powers were the most interesting and compelling, and that was our journey since the beginning. This is a movie about a family, and we said this is a found family, Ryan likes to say a circus family. We wanted to make sure that all over the world people would see themselves in this movie for sure.

Kaz Firbo

The cast certainly reflected their approach to having everyone represented. It’s already quite the challenge to include the main cast of ten characters throughout the limited time of a film. There’s still a chance he makes a return in a future project. Marvel Studios has also recently cast Cael Garcia Bernal for their upcoming Halloween special. So, they are continuing to expand their diverse cast of characters throughout future projects, and we might see more of Eternals later down the line.

Source: Deadline

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