‘Eternals’ Only the Beginning of Marvel Studios’ Cosmic Expansion

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Eternals has finally arrived and offers a new look at the cosmic side of the Marvel Studios universe. What originally got kicked off with the Thor and Guardians of the Galaxy films has continued to expand. Yet, we’re about to enter a very different type of cosmos, as we get introduced to the Eternals and the Celestials. As we explore the birth of the universe, we might only begin our exploration of what else is out there. Luckily, one of the film’s writers Kaz Firbo confirmed that this is just the beginning of our adventures into the cosmos.

Eternals is really launching us off into the atmosphere, into the cosmos, Guardians touched on it, Thor touched on it, but there’s how many planets? How many stories? There’s so many places and planets we can do, see and explore.

Kaz Firbo

It’s a curious tease, as we’ve technically already visited quite a few planets throughout the first few phases of the MCU. Also, it opens up the question if there are plans to expand Eternals into a franchise. Producer Nate Moore mentioned that there’s no guarantee we’ll see any sequels. Yet, Firbo was quite optimistic about returning to write a follow-up.

We hope people really love this movie, and they go see this movie so that we can go and start writing the sequel. There’s a big door, you know, and I think the question is, does the audience want to step through it? I think that’s been a big thing.

Kaz Firbo

It certailny sounds like they have some curious plans for the franchise’s future, especially given how deep this adaptation aims to explore a different side of the cosmos. Marvel Studios’ expansion might have just begun in Phase 4 and it looks like we’ll have many different corners to explore throughout the upcoming films and Disney+ series.

Source: Deadline

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