Eiichiro Oda is “Very Involved” with Netflix’s ‘One Piece’ Adaptation

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Tomorrow Studios and Netflix have been quite busy working on a live-action adaptation of the popular One Piece manga by Eiichiro Oda. As the reception for Cowboy Bebop has been quite mixed, there have been some concerns about what to expect from the adaptation. The series has quite a few cartoony moments that some might worry won’t translate to live-action, but a very dedicated team and the lively cast have lifted spirits. A new tweet by Netflix France also highlights one of the key aspects that add to the series’ potential.

Considering One Piece started in 1997, it has been a long road before a live-action adaptation was even attempted. The initial announcement back in 2017 came from Eiichiro Oda himself, and we would later learn from co-showrunner Matt Owens that he was also supervising the scripts. The new tweet by Netflix France was released highlighting that the mangaka is “(very) involved” in the adaptation. Here is the translation of their tweet:

Just a little reminder that Eiichirō Oda is (very) involved in the One Piece adaptation project.

When the initial casting announcement arrived, Oda shared a personal message on the addition and hinted that he was heavily involved with the casting process. As he created these characters and the world they live in, it makes sense that he would want to be involved as much as possible. The creative team has shared their passion for the adaptation and a constant exchange with its creators is a motiving aspect that adds that layer of authenticity to the project. While production is hinted at lasting probably up to August/September, we still have some time until we get our first real look at the adaptation.

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