Elizabeth Olsen on WandaVision Fan Theories: “We Should Have Done That!”

When WandaVision first debuted, fans were unsure of what to expect. Not only was it a unique series that would take Wanda across various decades, but it was the first series produced by Marvel Studios, leaving fans to theorize with each new episode. The common theory, of course, was that Mephisto would appear. However, there was one other theory that fans speculated over for weeks – whether or not Evan Peters’ Quicksilver was from the multiverse.

While we were the first to break the news that Peters would appear in the series, even we were unsure how Peters’ Quicksilver would debut within the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Would he be the new Pietro going forward? Or was his role merely a cameo? Unfortunately, though, in the end, Peters’ Quicksilver was essentially a throwaway as the actor was later revealed to be playing the role of Ralph Bohner who was under the influence of Agatha Harkness. For fans, it was a frustrating reveal. As it turns out, though, Scarlet Witch actress Elizabeth Olsen wishes they’d gone that route with the character.

In a recent interview with The Independent, Olsen noted that she found many of the fan theories surrounding WandaVision to be clever. “I love fan theories ‘cause I always think they’re very clever. There are usually ones where I’m like, ‘S***, we should have done that!”

She specifically noted the theories surrounding Peters’ Pietro. “There was one where they thought we were bringing in the Multiverse with the Pietro character, with Evan [Peters.],” she explained. “The sad thing is, when we were doing WandaVisionbefore Covid, that was not part of the docket yet, and then itkind of overlapped when we finished the show. So we could have actually gone back and fixed or adjusted that. I thought that could have been cool to make Pietro a part of the Multiverse.”

While certain fan theories regarding WandaVision didn’t come to fruition, the expansion upon the multiverse in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness is sure to open plenty of doors going forward.

Source: The Independent.

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