Marvel Studios Tweet Hints At ‘Moon Knight’ Season 2

Despite being initially billed as a limited series, a new tweet from Marvel could suggest the series will get another season.

Moon Knight has only just released its final episode, and Marvel Studios is already hinting that it won’t actually be the show’s last. From the very beginning, the Oscar Isaac-led project has been marketed as a “limited series.’ The show was even submitted for Emmy’s consideration in the “limited” category. Presumably the original idea was for Moon Knight to act as a standalone entry in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, introducing Marc Spector and Steven Grant to a wider audience and then sending them on their way to larger team-ups or other spin-offs. However, a recent tweet from Marvel’s official account has cast doubt that this is still the plan.

On Monday, the account tweeted out the trailer for the conclusion of the series with a caption that read “epic series finale.” That is, of course, exactly what one might expect to see. Yet, the tweet was taken down a short time later and replaced with a new post that instead read “epic season finale.” This is far from official confirmation of another season, but the decision to change the wording of above the trailer is definitely a little suspicious. At the very least, it indicates Marvel Studios may not be as certain about the way they’ll handle the future of Moon Knight.

As a side note, this could potentially mess with the show’s chances at the Emmys. Even though the tweet might be a mistake, it still could be enough to disqualify Moon Knight from “limited series” contention. The Television Academy has reportedly been trying to crack down on shows attempting to use loopholes to win awards. They may view this as evidence of Marvel hoping to do the same.

Source: Variety

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