‘Eternals’ Character Descriptions Released Online

Just yesterday, we got an early leak revealing some details for Marvel Studios’ upcoming Eternals film. Director Chloe Zhao is going to introduce the world to a whole new race of forgotten superpowered individuals. The alien race was created a long-time ago by the Celestials to protect Earth. Now, it looks like the Indian retailer Redwolf is prepping for the film’s upcoming merchandise. According to their site, they share licensed merch from Marvel, so they are getting everything ready. A variety of the Marvel Legends has been leaked online, so the merchandise seems ready to go. We still don’t know when they will release it, as the film got delayed by an entire year. So, let’s take a closer look at some of the tidbits included for the characters.

Ikaris is the leader of the Eternals, who is also known as the strongest. He can shoot cosmic energy from his eyes and must lead the Eternals once more to face the monstrous Deviants, who have returned. He is the love interest of Sersi, who supports him in this mission. She has an affinity for humans, so she remained on Earth as a museum curator. Her abilities allow her to manipulate matter.

Their spiritual leader Ajak can heal humans and Eternals, so she a valuable asset in their upcoming conflict. The Eternals have left their imprint on humanity throughout history, such as Phastos using his ability to develop Earth’s technology from the shadows. There is also Makkari, who is the fastest woman in the universe, who scouts out planets. She is the only one who is deaf, so she isn’t affected by the sonic booms she creates.



Quite a few of the Eternals have gone down their own paths, such as the Kingo, who’s been living as a Bollywood star on Earth. He loves wealth and fame a bit too much. Sprite’s time on the planet hasn’t been that nice, as everyone keeps thinking she is a child since she looks like a 12-year old girl. She can cast illusions, who will play a vital role in their battle against the Deviants. Of course, there are also Gilgamesh and Thena, who we covered in the previously-mentioned leak. Lastly, there is Druig. He disagreed with the others’ way of handling their interaction with humanity and may tread the line between friend or foe.

These are just general descriptions that tease their various abilities and what we can expect from them. There is a surprising lack of Dane Whitman a.k.a. Black Knight. He may only have a minor role in the film. There were early talks of a love triangle, so it seems that Sersi is going to have to decide between Ikaris and Dane. It makes for an interesting dynamic, as she must decide between her Eternal heritage or her love for humanity. 

Source: Redwolf


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