‘Eternals’ Leak Teases the Backstory of Angelina Jolie’s Thena

It is still bizarre to think that both Black Widow and Eternals got postponed by an entire year. As such, we haven’t seen a single piece of marketing material for the latter outside of various leaks from the Marvel Legends toyline. We still know very little about the film’s story and what we can expect from Marvel’s superhuman race. It looks like another toy leak may have offered a rather curious detail. In the comics, Gilgamesh was exiled by the Eternals ruler Zuras, who believed he had meddled too much in the mortal world. He would eventually be known as the Forgotten One. Don Lee is set to play the character and it seems like the upcoming adaptation will follow his origin story quite closely. Well, with one exception.

@BRMarvelNews shared an image from Ikaris’ upcoming Legends Series figurine, which includes a piece of Gilgamesh’s Build-A-Figure. The packaging includes an interesting quote:


The strongest and kindest Eternal, Gilgamesh becomes Thena’s de-facto partner when the events of the past exile them from the other Eternals.


That is a rather curious reveal, as Thena never got exiled in the comics. Angelina Jolie‘s character is the daughter of the previously mentioned Zuras. Her name was changed from Azura to Thena to resemble that of Zeus’ daughter Athena. If you are wondering, no Zuras, and Zeus are not the same characters. Te humans were also having some trouble keeping them apart within the Marvel Universe. Either way, she ended up having a romantic interest in the Deviant’s leader Kro.

Together, they conceived twins during the Vietnam War, who she would pass on to an infertile woman. At one point, both ended up at war with each other before he tried to court her once more. There is a good chance that they will connect his storyline with Gilgamesh, who may have known about these events and stood by her side. So, if they both get exiled in the film, it may have some connection to Kro. Going by his design from a leak some time ago, it is uncertain if they will still lean into the romantic backstory. Hopefully, we will get a tease soon to finally figure out what we can expect from Eternals.

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