‘WONDER WOMAN 1984’: What is Bialya?

Following multiple delays, Wonder Woman 1984 finally made its debut and while audiences seem pretty split on the film, it did include some memorable scenes and awesome Easter eggs tucked away while others were quite obvious. One surprise appearance in the film came from a scene in Cairo where we saw Max Lord asking Emir Said Byn Abydos would what he would wish for if he had to choose just one wish. Emir responds with the wish that he could once again lay claim to his ancestral homeland of Bialya. Bialya is a fictional country within DC comics that made few appearances within the DC Universe.

Bialya is a Middle Eastern country located north of Iran and Saudia Arabia and would be the area in which the original Blue Beetle would uncover the Scarab that would give him the powers of the Blue Beetle. The Scarab would eventually be passed down to Ted Kord and later on Jaime Reyes. Bialya would come to fall under the rule of Colonel Rumaan Harjavti, the country would develop into a police state stricken with poverty. Harjavti would conspire with Queen Bee who would go on to betray and assassinated him, before usurping his role and developing Bialya into a world power.

Queen Bee would go on to transform Bialya from a poverty wrought police state to a paradise with aggressive methods that paved the way for open commerce and trade along with free medical and food programs and high employment rates. But these results were via unethical methods. Queen Bee would place implants within her people that would raise endorphin levels that brainwashed them into believing Biayla was a perfect nation. Queen Bee would come to butt heads with the Justice League International on multiple occasions, but the team couldn’t risk causing a international affair which stopped them from intervening themselves.

Considering Emir’s wish, it wouldn’t be crazy to assume that Bialya was under the rule of Colonel Rumaan at the time and at this point in the timeline could have fallen under the control of Queen Bee

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