Pitching ‘Wonder Woman 3’: Enter Circe, The Wicked Sorceress

With the masses now able to view and enjoy the highly anticipated sequel to 2017’s hit hero flick, Wonder Woman 1984, queue the talk of a now confirmed sequel. Director Patty Jenkins confirmed that the future of the character’s solo endeavors would be set within the present day if she were to return for it (which we all know she will). Wonder Woman 3 has the potential to be an event-type film and take us back to Paradise Island while also embracing the Greek roots that have been present within her stories for many years. Now, it is time for the movies to embrace it. The next installment in the Wonder Woman franchise should see the heroine go up against Circe, one of the character’s most iconic villains.



Circe was the daughter of the god Helios and Perse. She is a sea nymph and was known to be an almost Goddess level sorceress with an almost limitless range of abilities from projective animal metamorphosis, mind control, immortality, reality manipulation, and so many more. The Goddess Hectate would eventually leave the realm and chose to transfer her soul into her most devoted follower, Circe. Yet, before she did so, she left her with the following warning:

Upon the death of witch and the birth of witch, Hecate, by name and choice, shall repossess her soul.

At one point, she came to realize that Wonder Woman shared the name Diana with Hectate and became worried that she would be the one to usurp this newfound power from her. As such, she set her sights on anyone that could take this power from her. Circe would also come to learn via an Oracle that the daughter of Hippolyta was sure to be her undoing and, after Diana made her presence known following the events of Justice League, she’s just about painted a big target on her back.



Wonder Woman 3 needs to go big and embrace the roots of Greek mythology. George Perez‘s work on the character would make for a great template. Let’s imagine the threequel takes us back to Themiscyra. We get introduced to characters like Nubia and Donna Troy. The film reveals that Circe has made her way to Themiscyra with Hectate’s remnant abilities. Arriving on Paradise Island, she controls the Amazons and turns them into the terrifying beasts of Greek Mythology, such as Minotaurs and Harpies. Circe would acquire Hippolytas Golden Girdle of Gaea to ensure a swift and easy takedown of those who oppose her. This event is where I’d like to see Nubia and Donna come into play. We see them set off from the island to find Diana, as she would be their last hope to save the island from the hell that’s it become under Circe.



Of course, Circe knew about their plan and let them escape, as she believes she can use them to send Diana to the depths of Tartarus. That way, Wonder Woman would no longer pose a threat to her. Throughout the events of the story, Diana makes her return but has to face a great tragedy, her mother, Hippolyta, dies at the hands of Circe. She would face a warrior’s end before her daughter would defeat the sorcerers. After the dust has settled, she would rise to become the new queen of the Amazons. Her rule would open up the Island to the world of man and allow Nubia, Donna, and Diana to act as the ambassadors of their people. It would open up the door for other DC Universe villains, such as fan-favorite Veronica Cale from Greg Rucka‘s Rebirth run. Now that Jenkins’ return has been confirmed, hopefully, the third entry will finish the trilogy by embracing the character’s Greek history and the many characters that donned the title of Wonder Woman.

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