‘Eternals’ Kit Harington Chose His Outfit to Match Black Knight’s Comic Design

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Much has been said about the elaborate costumes in Marvel’s Eternals, especially in how they relate to the comic books that inspired them. While most of that discussion has been directed at the looks worn by the Eternals themselves, designed by the talented Sammy Sheldon, not nearly as many people have taken notice of Kit Harrington’s far more casual threads. The simple and stylish jacket-and-scarf combo is eerily reminiscent of Dane Whitman’s comic book Black Knight uniform, and it appears we have Harrington himself to thank for that.

In a recent interview, the British actor was asked about what it was like to dress for a superhero blockbuster. During his response, director Chloé Zhao chimed in to reveal some interesting information, as Harington joked that he had only to put on some regular clothes for the scenes in the film.

I mean, we let you do your own thing but you chose the colors from the comic books.

Chloé Zhao

It would appear that the former Game of Thrones was paying attention when researching his new MCU role, and it’s interesting to learn just how much input he had with his own character. Hopefully, we’ll get to see Harington suit up sooner than later. Until then, we can all admire the beautiful ensemble that he put together himself.

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