EXCLUSIVE: Amy Aquino Talks Bucky’s Inner Turmoil in ‘Falcon and the Winter Soldier’

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Falcon and the Winter Soldier continues Marvel Studios’ expansion into long-form storytelling and exploring the smaller side of their universe. Its action is certainly what we expect from the franchise, but they have started to explore a new aspect that wouldn’t get enough focus in a limited timeframe. We get to see the humanity of these characters. WandaVision focused on Wanda battling her grief and the losses she faced.

The latest Marvel Studios project is the same. We get small moments that leave an essential impact on these characters lives. Ever since the show started, we got a lot of insight into Bucky’s mind through his court-mandated therapist, Dr.  Christina Raynor, who is played by the amazing Amy Aquino. Luckily, we got a chance to interview Aquino and she offered some interesting insight into Raynor’s motivations to help Bucky through his sessions.

I think she takes it, she doesn’t, she takes it on a micro-level. Instead of saying: ‘Oh, this guy was a pawn for HYDRA and had all these super, you know, magical things happen to him. She is looking at him, Bucky, as a soldier, as a human being who had to do these things that horrify him. He is suffering from the same kind of post-traumatic stress that I went through myself and others went through, I want to save his life. I know if he doesn’t do this, he is going to die. He will kill himself.’

Her approach to bringing Dr. Raynor to life really highlights the complexity of these characters. We’ve already seen Bucky fight the urge to hurt those that wronged him early on. The trailers have already teased that he’ll confront Zemo at gunpoint in a later episode. So, we might see the points she made reach their limits as the show continues. It also opens up the door to what the future holds for the former Winter Soldier. The title of the series would imply he might end up embracing it. He could turn that title into something positive. It wouldn’t be too out of place in a series about identity and living through someone else’s legacy. Sam is struggling to accept Steve Roger’s while Bucky does the same with his.

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