EXCLUSIVE: Amy Aquino Talks John Walker’s Challenge in ‘Falcon and the Winter Soldier’

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Amy Aquino has quite the filmography. She started her TV career with 1991’s Roseanne before becoming a mainstay on Brooklyn Bridge. Aquino started in film years before, as she appeared in 1987’s Moonstruck. She has recently appeared in series like Bosch, as well as Grace and Frankie. Now, she got the chance to tackle a new character in Disney+’s The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. She plays Dr. Christina Raynor, who helps Bucky overcome his inner demons. In an exclusive interview, she revealed there is one more character she thinks needs to be interviewed by Raynor.

Well, at this point, number one on my list has got to be John Walker because he is in such a weird position. And, he is someone that I’ve known. I knew them, I fought with them. So, I get him. I think he could really use a little help taking this on. He’s a soldier. Now, he is doing this thing and they are doing all this hoopla around it. So, he can’t just focus to be a soldier but also this giant public figure. It’s a lot. I could start with him.

John Walker is still a bit of a mystery box so far. We get a shade of his darker side, but they haven’t offered a full-glimpse at what may be lurking behind the pressure of being the new Captain America. There is also that brief mention of him not being able to “punch his way out,” which might be a good indicator that someone is not going to have a good time in a future episode. Hopefully, Aquino’s Dr. Raynor will return in the later episodes to give her a diagnosis on the insanity that will occur throughout the upcoming episodes. After the question, she also makes a reference to Dr. Banner, who would be a perfect patient for her. The heroes have to fight enough throughout their journeys in the MCU. So, there could be a future for Amy Aquino to reappear in other series or films.

Source: IMDb

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