EXCLUSIVE: ‘Crossing Swords’ Creators on How Luke Evans Landed King Merriman

In an exclusive interview with the creators of Hulu’s Crossing Swords, Harvatine IV and Root explain how they cast Luke Evans.

Possibly one of the strongest aspects of Crossing Swords is its ensemble cast and its distinctly different and colorful roster of characters. Each character seems so well cast with certain actors in the series unrecognizable in their roles, specifically Luke Evans in the role of King Merriman. Merriman is the greedy, sleazy, and corrupt leader of the kingdom who is so grotesquely full of himself.

Perfect casting like this is no easy feat and Evans as Merriman is stellar, one of the best parts of the series. In our interview with the creators, John Harvatine IV and Tom Root, they shared just how they knew the actor was perfect for the role.

“Seth will remember this, but the reason I knew I wanted Luke on this show in any capacity, we wrote a sketch for ‘Robot Chicken’ where the Creature from the Black Lagoon performs a Van Halen number ‘Hot for Teacher.’ I can barely remember why it makes any sense at all, but if you remember that video, the video is so iconic from our generation and it was so funny to us, the idea of The Creature from The Black Lagoon in the David Lee Roth role, but essentially Luke gave life to that creature and put his entire soul into that singing and made it a great sketch and we were like “Luke Evans did that?!, this ridiculous, stupid sketch?” we gotta work with this guy more”

Tom Root

Those who’ve seen Crossing Swords will know just how into the role Evans gets. Merriman, and his wife, are crude characters with no care about anyone other than themselves. Evans seems to enjoy the role, getting lost in this ridiculous character so much so that fans hardly know it’s him. And Season 2 of Crossing Swords takes things even further for both Merriman and the rest of these absurd characters.

The second season of Crossing Swords, hits Hulu on Dec. 10.

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