EXCLUSIVE: Georgina Campbell Discusses Feminist Themes of ‘Barbarian’

In an exclusive interview with leading lady Georgina Campbell, the actress explains the feminist themes of ‘Barbarian.’

Georgina Campbell is the star of this year’s most surprising horror film, Barbarian. The movie centers around a woman who is shocked to find the Airbnb she booked is already occupied, and the increasingly dangerous events that transpire once she ultimately steps inside. As the premise suggests, much of the plot is based on the female perspective – examining dangerous scenarios through a lens that men might not always have to worry about. Speaking exclusively with Murphy’s Multiverse, Campbell explained how this theme impacted her appreciation for the film and how director Zach Cregger helped her understand how it all comes together:

To be honest, I didn’t necessarily get it all the first time I read it, because so much is happening. And then I spoke to Zach and he really kind of broke everything down to me, and y’know, there’s all these different things going on that all kind of connect. He gave me a book that was about fear, and it was about women’s instincts and all these stories of women that have been through kind of traumatic situations and then look back on it and go, ‘there was actually this moment or there was this moment and I just kind of forgot about it or didn’t worry about it because it didn’t seem like a big deal at the time’. So that was really interesting, and he just, y’know, wrote that so beautifully. It was great.

Georgina Campbell

Once everything clicked for Campbell, she couldn’t get enough. The actress, known for her work on Black Mirror, also commented on how much she enjoyed the story at large. After being nudged to discuss what she really thought of the script, Campbell replied:

It was so interesting, right? The first time I read the script I just, was like, amazed at the story itself. I just thought it was fantastic, and all those twists and turns. I was entertained reading it. It was like a breath of fresh air. You get sent so many scripts and it’s very rare you get these scripts that you just can’t stop thinking about.

Georgina Campbell

Barbarian arrives in theaters on September 9th.

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