EXCLUSIVE: ‘Prey’ Star Dakota Beavers Wants to Play a Jedi

Being the second lead in a Predator film as the first project in a resume is a hell of an entrance to make but Dakota Beavers brings all the might of a true action star in Prey. As Taabe, the warrior-chief brother of protagonist Naru, Beavers brings a performance that is unlike any of the previous male protagonists of the franchise.

Speaking to Murphy’s Multiverse about the pressures of starring in a Predator film, Beavers seemed relatively confident in his take on the character.

It was easy to get spooked about since it was my first project. But it was also so different that I could comfortably be myself. Those men in the first movie had such strong voices and presence. I wanted Taabe to carry that with him. That strong and masculine air. But the film was different enough to where I could put myself enough in it and not worry about what people think.

When asked whether he wanted to follow up his impressionist Prey performance with something in the vein of Marvel and Star Wars, the idea got him excited.

I would be on Cloud 9 to play something like that. Like a Jedi or a Star Wars bounty hunter. I would be all over that.

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