EXCLUSIVE: Tara Strong Hasn’t Heard Back Yet for ‘Loki’ Season 2

tara strong loki season 2

There are many voice actors out there that have made quite the name for themselves within the industry. Among them is Tara Strong, who may be one of the most popular voice actresses working today, with roles in series like Teen Titans, Ben 10, and Powerpuff Girls, she’s become an iconic and instantly recognizable voice. She recently made her MCU debut in Loki, one of Marvel Studios’ first ventures into Disney+. The voice actress took on the role of Miss Minutes, the official mascot of the Time Variance Authority. We recently had the chance to talk with Strong, and just had to ask about a possible return as Minutes in the upcoming second season of Loki.

Oh, I hope so. You know, Kate Herron, who directed it, said she would like to do like a feature based on her [Miss Minutes] on Twitter, and im like: “Oh, I’m in for that!”. I haven’t been notified yet but I certainly hope so and the fans seem to have embraced her and fallen in love with her. So, I feel pretty good about that and I would definitely come back and reprise that role if asked.

Tara Strong

It would certainly be a welcome surprise to see Strong return in the second season of Loki, and with what seems to be an entirely new TVA, it seems likely Miss Minutes is a definite return. For those looking to see a bit more of Tara Strong’s work, the first and second seasons of Crossing Swords are currently streaming on Hulu.

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