‘Falcon and the Winter Soldier’: Anthony Mackie Talks Sam Wilson’s Hesitance on Becoming Captain America

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As the logo of The Falcon and The Winter Soldier teases, the main focus of the upcoming show continues where Sam Wilson’s story last ended in Avengers: Endgame. As we learned in the first trailers, it seems that Sam isn’t quite ready to take on that heavy role. In the press release, our own Charles Murphy got a chance to ask Anthony Mackie about why Sam Wilson is hesitant to take on the shield even after Steve Rogers passed it on to him. He offered a heartfelt answer on the pressure that Sam is facing after holding the iconic Vibranium frisbee.

Sam’s whole thing is: he went on this journey, this Avenger story over six movies with Steve because of his respect and admiration for Steve. When Captain America, he says, when Captain America shows up at your door, you answer in the movie Captain America: Winter Soldier. That being said, it is, you know, it is the pain, the idea of not being able to go on these missions, not going to be able to help his friend. You know, there are still people out there that really appreciate camaraderie and friendship […] Just like everybody else, you don’t want to see Steve Rogers go away. You don’t want to see Captain America go away. Because just like Captain America was your Cap, Captain America was Sam Wilsons Cap. So, you know, that is why he says at the end of Endgame, it feels like, when he is holding the shield, it is someone else’s. It feels like it is yours. He was a fan like everybody else.

hH ends the question with a joke that Sam Wilson’s entire goal was to get a spin-off with Black Widow when she knocked on his door. It was a great way to break the tension after a very heartfelt and introspective answer on why this decision is so difficult for Sam. He spent so many films alongside his friend and now, he is gone. The moment he accepts the shield, he also has to face the fact that his friend has moved on. Of course, others being after the iconic symbol isn’t making that decision any easier and we can’t wait to see how they approach it once it premieres on March 19th.

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