‘Falcon and Winter Soldier’s Head Writer Malcolm Spellman Teases Bucky’s Future

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It has already been some time since Falcon and Winter Soldier ended. Sam Wilson finally took on the mantle of Captain America. Yet, the series also gave us a closer look at Bucky’s inner struggle of finally accepting his place in the world. He was tied down by the list of things he did as the Winter Soldier that he couldn’t find inner peace. It took him the entire season and some tough love from his frenemy that he needs to start amending rather than avenging. Now, the question remains what the future holds for Bucky. Head writer Malcolm Spellman offered a small tease on where this newfound freedom might push him.

If I tell you, then you’re going to ask me what that would be. I think Bucky is free in a way. Even coming out of Wakanda, he still wasn’t totally free. He was freed programming, but I believe Bucky is free now in a way. Look at the way he smiled at the end; he got a family, he’s invited to the cook-out, as we say in the community. He is free in a way that I think we haven’t seen, and that leads to a lot of possibilities for him.

The way Spellman talks about Bucky’s freedom does hint at there being some potential plans for the character. Some time ago, he confirmed that we only have seen a glimmer of what Marvel Studios is working on and a Winter Soldier-focused story could be one of them. Almost half a year ago, our very own Charles Murphys uncovered that a Nomad project was being developed, which could be the perfect continuation for the character. It would also fit the description of how Bucky is free moving forward. He may also make an appearance in the newly announced Captain America 4, which Spellman is writing. At this point, anything is possible and we look forward to seeing what the future holds for Sebastian Stan and his character.

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