FanDome: ‘THE BATMAN’ Takes Place During Year Two

To some degree, we knew that The Batman will take place in a separate universe. Yet, we never knew what exactly the plans are for these projects. Director Matt Reeves has been working on a Gotham PD series that will take place in this universe. There have also been rumors of a potential spin-off focusing on Catwoman, who will also appear in the upcoming film. Well, in the DC FanDome panel “Multiverse 101” they have confirmed some interesting tidbits by DC’s Walter Hamada.

They confirm that the story will take place during Robert Pattisons’ Year Two. The entire franchise will take place on a new world where Reeves will plan out its entire expansion. This is quite an exciting reveal, as it confirms that this story will take place independent from the rest of the DC universe. Plus, it’s reassuring to know that Reeves will act as a showrunner to keep everything connected. The Batman is starting to shape into the most exciting project DC is currently working on.

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