Fans Seemingly Spot Deadpool in New ‘Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness’ Poster

doctor strange multiverse of madness deadpool

In a film focused on the multiverse, Doctor Strange’s next project could open up what seems like an endless potential, even if we might explore the nightmarish aspects of what the multiverse may have to offer. Still, the first trailer did confirm an ongoing rumor that an iconic character making a return in the upcoming film. Yet, the Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness poster may have included a few more details on what we may expect from the sequel.

We previously reported that the poster includes Captain Carter’s shield, which we previously saw in the multiverse adventures of What If…?. Yet, some eagle-eyed fans may have noticed another addition in the form of what may be the inclusion of Deadpool. As shared in the image by @therealsupes, you can see a character with white eyes and black rings surrounding it. If you look closely, he seemingly is shushing whoever is looking at it.

There’s always a chance this isn’t Deadpool, but the design seems pretty close to the character, and the fact he is seemingly shushing people looking at the poster does add some potential validity to it. The weird yellow symbol in the front is the only element that may hint that it isn’t who we think it is. Plus, the black around the eyes is a bit smaller than what we’ve seen from the character previously. So, there’s always a chance it turns out to be someone else, but it’s fun to speculate with a potential multiverse ready to explore in May.

Source: Twitter

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