‘Fast and Furious 10’ Gets New Title and Logo as Production Starts

fast x

It looks like Vin Diesel has started production on the tenth entry of the Fast and Furious franchise. Not only that, but to celebrate the occasion, the actor took to his personal Instagram account to share that it’ll be titled Fast X and even included a clever logo for the upcoming film. Sadly, there are no further details included, but it’s great to get a tease of what’s to come as they start production.

There are some great details about the logo. It is the second title to include the name Fast” with the number of its entry, as the last time they did this was Fast Five in 2011. The seventh entry just focused on the Furious part before the eighth entry turned it into a pun and we got F9 in 2021. So, it is surprising they are reusing an idea but the X makes sense for the tenth entry. My favorite part, however, is that the X is a car’s headlight which makes for a great reveal.

We’ll see what the future has in store, as they are rumored to film the tenth and eleventh entries back to back. Diesel has tended to announce quite a few aspects of his franchise through his Instagram title, such as sharing that Brie Larson joined the production not too long ago. So, we’ll see if he might share some set photos as they end the Fast Saga with the upcoming releases.

Source: Instagram

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