‘Moon Knight’ Directors on Episode 4’s Twist Ending and Comic Inspiration

moon knight episode 3 ending

Episode 4 of Moon Knight has been amped up for quite some time and as it finally found its way online, the Internet is currently wrapping its head around what exactly just happened. Of course, it didn’t take long for questions to arise and luckily Aaron Moorhead and Justin Benson, the directing duo behind that very episode, talked about how they approached the twist ending and how Jeff Lemire and Greg Smallwood‘s run with the character influenced their direction.

There will be spoilers ahead, so only continue at your own risk if you haven’t seen the episode yet.

As the episode was slowly coming to an end, we suddenly see Marc Spector get shot by Arthur Harrow. As he is falling down what seems like a bottomless water spot inside the grave of Alexander the Great. Yet, it suddenly turns into an old-fashioned, Indiana Jones-inspired TV show before revealing that Marc was in a facility all along. We see many familiar faces and objects that hint that maybe not everything we saw was real. this sequence is strongly inspired by a famous run from Lemire and Smallwood, which the directors highlight in their interview with EW.

The end of episode 4 is actually a gift of the script. It came from wanting to do the least expected thing and completely disorient the audience, while also being completely true to the character that we’ve built over four episodes. Also the comic book character: There’s a run of ‘Moon Knight’ written by Jeff Lemire, and [Greg] Smallwood did the art, and it has a lot of similar feelings and visuals to what happens at the end of episode 4. So we’re really glad to be able to honor the original comics, the ones that we were the most drawn to when we were trying to crack Moon Knight. That’s where the inspiration came from, especially visually and tonally

Aaron Moorhead

Benson highlights that they also took inspiration from some of the iconic panels from that run as they explore his escape from this mental health institute.

Also, connecting it back to the Lemire run, there are so many iconic single panels within that run. But there’s one sequence in particular where our hero has been trying to escape from a mental health facility. He finally gets out. He jumps out, but it turns out he was on an airplane, and he’s free-falling. Obviously that doesn’t happen in this show, but we really feel like what we did captures the spirit of that distilled image into something that is not literally that but has the same feeling.

Justin Benson

In the same interview, they highlight that the next two episodes will be even more promising and we’ll get a lot more moving forward. It’s an exciting twist and takes the series into a really interesting direction that may not mesh well with many at first that got used to the adventure vibe it was building up so far. For now, we’ll have to wait just two more weeks to see the series fully come together.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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