Final ‘WandaVision’ Episode Length Longer than the Last

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It looks like the runtime for an upcoming episode of WandaVision has leaked online again. Last week, the eighth entry got revealed by Reddit user, Plenty_Echidna_544, which confirmed the 47-minute episode. Of course, that was including the credits, which showcase the massive talent behind these ongoing series. The previous length of the “Breaking the Fourth Wall” episode also got leaked in advance to airing. Well, as you assumed by the title, it has happened again. In another moderator-approved post on the subreddit, the last episode will have a 50-minute runtime. It will also include the credits as with previous leaks.

WandaVision Episode 9 from MarvelStudiosSpoilers

It is rather curious that these runtimes are finding their way online. The post also points out that we shouldn’t expect a tenth entry for the series, so the series will sadly be coming to an end next week. It has been a crazy ride, especially with a lot of speculation on how much more we can expect. Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige has been very vocal that they aim for around six-hour runtimes for all future shows. 

We are going into the final episode with a lot of speculation on where the show might be heading. There are a lot of story threads that will get wrapped up, especially if we can expect a major battle, as teased on the approved Reddit posting. It makes sense that the final episode would be the longest, especially as we get ready for the next entry with Falcon and the Winter Soldiers in a few weeks.

Source: The Direct, Reddit

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