First Cast and Story Details for ‘Flintstones’ Sequel Series ‘Bedrock’

flintstones spinoff

It looks like the upcoming Flintstones sequel series titled Bedrock is moving forward. Elizabeth Banks has been spearheading the project that’ll return to the life of an adult Pebbles, as we see what life has been two decades after the original Flintstones story came to an end as the former family head is heading into retirement.

While we haven’t heard about the project for some time, it seems the Bedrock spinoff is finally picking up some steam over at Fox. It has now scored a pilot presentation after being dormant for two years. Now, we also know who will voice whom in the upcoming series, as they have an all-star line-up:

  • Elizabeth Banks as Pebbles
  • Stephen Root as Fred
  • Amy Sedaris as Wilma
  • Nicole Byer as Betty
  • Joe Lo Truglio as Barney
  • Manny Jacinto as Bamm-Bamm

It’s funny to think we knew Banks was voicing Pebbles all the way back in April 2021 with the rest of the cast being the big additions. Some might look at this project quite skeptical after the Velma debacle, which took the original concept of Scooby-Doo and tried to “subvert” it with an R-rating. There’s no word if this take on the Flintstones is more adult as it focuses on a 20-something Pebbles. What will be interesting is the tease of the Stone Age being left behind and they enter the “enlightened” Bronze Age, which will give us some interesting looks at the older cast adjusting to an uncertain time. Warner Bros. Animation and Fox Entertainment are set to produce the pilot.

Source: Deadline

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