First Full Look at ‘Stargirl’s New Villain Eclipso Revealed

stargirl eclipso

After a very well-received first season, we were only waiting for the second season of Stargirl. The show originally streamed as a DCU Original, but it also aired on the CW a day later. It was a way to get the show some more attention. As DCU has become a comic library, it got announced that the show would find its permanent home on the CW. Now, the second season is currently in production, the sophomore season finds the newly founded Justice Society of America facing the wrath of the God, Eclipso.

At the end of the first season, we witnessed a newly freed Cindy Burman rummage through an old storage closet within the former Injustice Society of America’s lair. It was unclear what she was digging for until we saw her pull a small purple diamond from one of the boxes. Our suspicions got confirmed when she uttered the word “Eclipse”. For those who don’t know, Eclipso is the being that represents God’s wrath. He is an angel of vengeance, who would eventually be replaced by the Spectre. The villain is set to be played by Arrowverse alum, Nick Tarabay who previously played Captain Boomerang on Arrow and The Flash.



Stargirl‘s second season doesn’t have a set release date, but will most likely be out by the end of the year. It will see the return of a newly founded JSA led by Courtney Whitmore and Pat Dugan. They are played by Brec Bassinger and Luke Wilson as they recruit more members to their ranks to face a threat far more dangerous than the Injustice Society of America.

Source: TV Line

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