‘Falcon and The Winter Soldier’ Post-‘Avengers: Endgame’ Timeline Revealed

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The events of Avengers: Endgame have shaped the Marvel Cinematic Universe in new and interesting ways. We got a small glimpse at the consequences when Spider-Man: Far From Home first aired in 2019. WandaVision continued the tradition by taking place only weeks after the events, as we witnessed Monica Rambeau returns from the Snap. It changed the landscape of the MCU and it looks like Falcon and the Winter Soldier will continue the tradition. In an interview with Collider, it was revealed that the series takes place at least six months after the event that was dubbed the Blip in-universe. Director Kari Skogland confirmed that this was an important part when scripting the show:

Everything narratively was informed by that event for us. It meant that we’re just past the shock of it. We’re just past the joy of it — because we’re imagining that there would be a lot of joy, in people returning. Now we’re into the reality of it, which is complicated.

The timeline would set this quite sometime after WandaVision and shortly before Far From Home. It is one of the MCU’s greatest advantages to explore a new kind of world after an event changes everything. Skogland wants to explore this Blipped world and how it is affected politically. Countries had to adapt to half the world vanishing. Head writer Malcolm Spellman also pointed out that this was a big part of how they pitched the show early in the development process. It will be interesting to see how else the events might influence future entries, or if we even get to explore the time period between the Blip and Snap.

Source: Collider

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