First Look at ‘Batwoman’s New Take on Poison Ivy

batwoman poison ivy

Batwoman has been exploring new avenues of the Batman mythology by taking classic villains and adding their own spin. There’s an ongoing theme of some of Batman’s trophies from his rogue’s gallery that end up transforming unsuspecting people into new versions of their character. After Killer Croc, the same has happened to Nicole Kang‘s Dr. Mary Hamilton. After a strange thorn pricked her, she’s been turning into a new version of Poison Ivy on the show.

Executive producer Caroline Dries has shared the following remark on their new take on these classic villains:

The fun part of making each villain’s powers transferable is that we get to do our own spin on the character — this one through the lens of what Mary would create: something heightened, playful, fashion-forward, and sexy. It was so exciting to work alongside Nicole as we picked hair color, eye color and, of course, the clothing itself. But it wasn’t until Nicole showed up on set and absolutely killed her performance that the character of Poison Ivy Mary was complete

Caroline Dries

It’s certainly a different take, but it seems a bit convenient that every single villain has the ability to pass on their abilities in some way or another. Still, it does unshackle the creative team from having to strictly follow the Batman mythos and add a unique spin, especially with a character that has been part of the show for some time. Instead of having to introduce the character, give them their own arc, they can add it to an existing one. We’ll see if they continue this trend moving forward.

Source: Twitter, Deadline

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