New Details on HBO Max’s ‘Constantine’ Series

News on the HBO Max Constantine series has arrived

Over a year ago it was announced that JJ Abrams and his production company, Bad Robot, had closed a deal with Warner Bros to develop series and films based on the Justice League Dark characters from DC Comics. The projects have begun to pick up talent move along at a moderate pace but it seems things could be kicking much sooner than we thought. Since the announcement projects like Zatanna, Madame X, a Justice League Dark series, and now Constantine will make his return to the small screen.

RPKNews recently shared some information on the ongoing development of the series and that casting is currently searching for its lead. They’ve revealed the series is also currently titled ‘Justice League Dark: Constantine’ and that they are currently searching for a Black, British man in the 25-29-year-old range to portray John Constantine in this upcoming series. Production on the project is currently set to begin in quarter 2 of 2022.

HBO Max and Bad Robot are looking to give Constantine a new angle in this series from what previous adaptions had. Both the film starring Keanu Reeves and the series starring Matt Ryan heavily focused on the religious aspect of the character. This time around they’re looking to explore the horror aspect of the character’s comic book roots and really separate this adaption from the past.

Justice League Dark: Constantine will be written by Guy Bolton and produced by Bad Robot. No further details on the project have been revealed but we can hopefully expect some casting very soon.


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