First Look at ‘Hawkeye’ Funko Pop for Echo

hawkeye echo funko

It looks like Echo is finally getting her own Funko Pop, as another Disney+ tradition continues with the latest ongoing Marvel Studios show, Hawkeye. She will be joined by an Amazon Exclusive Funko and it shows off her black jacket. It actually highlights a detail that some might’ve missed, as one of her iconic symbols was on her leather jacket. We briefly see it in the episode but it’s not as pronounced plus you can see it was inspired by a tattoo her father had.

It’s always exciting to get new Funkos and it makes you wonder why we haven’t gotten one for Jack Duquesne or even Kate’s mother. Perhaps we get something later down the line as we find out more about their inclusion, especially the former. It would be fun to see him in a Swordmaster-inspired costume at one point in the series. Also, there is the tease of the mysterious uncle who seems like a very likely add to everyone’s personal Funko collection.

Source: Twitter

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