EXCLUSIVE: Seth Green On a Possible Howard The Duck Solo Project

During an interview for Hulu’s Crossing Swords, we got to talk to actor Seth Green about his role as Howard the Duck.

Since 2014’s Guardians of The Galaxy, Howard the Duck has popped up here and there as an Easter egg for the die-hard fans. Voiced by Seth Green, Howard made his return this year, not in live-action, but in Marvel Studios’ first, animated project, What If…? The character played a supporting role in the T’challa Star-lord episode, but what many fans want to know is if there’s a potential solo project for the character in the future.

While there hasn’t been much about a potential Howard the Duck project, Lea Thompson, star of the original movie, has expressed interest in directing a reboot for the character over the past couple of years. But it seems like a solo project for the duck isn’t something Green would find all too interesting. 

“I heard that she pitched it and I know that shes been directing a ton of stuff, I love the original but I gotta imagine that, and again this is just my imagination, I’ve always thought Howard works really well as part of an ensemble or in more of a co-star, the same way the Hulk does, you know? like the Hulk, making the whole Hulk movie is always more challenging, and I think Howards that kind of character. Hes good in a group.”

While Green seems to be entirely interested in Howard taking the spotlight, he definitely doesn’t seem to be against playing the character in a much larger capacity. With the Marvel Cinematic Universe spreading like wildfire in the next couple years, who knows where he could pop up next.

Crossing Swords returns for Season 2 on Hulu on Dec. 10.

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