PlayStation Working on New Service to Rival Xbox Game Pass

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Xbox Game Pass has changed the gaming landscape in big ways. Their subscriptions have grown at an astonishing level and offer players the opportunity to stream their favorite games without requiring a physical copy. While PlayStation originally used their PlayStation Now service to rival it, it wasn’t quite on par with the offerings. Microsoft proudly announced that many of their upcoming new releases will be available Day 1 on their subscriptions service. Well, it seems Sony is readying its own system to compete in the new market.

The always reliable Jason Schreier shared an exclusive on Bloomberg about this new service. It is currently in development under the codename “Spartacus” and will get established as a fusion of PlayStation Now and PS Plus. You’ll receive access to modern and classic games for a monthly fee if everything goes according to plan with a release in Spring. It seems that PS Plus will still remain due to it being necessary for online play.

So, the plan is that it’s available with three tiers. PS Plus covers the base one, PS4 and PS5 releases are in the second one with classic games getting included in the final tier. It’ll be interesting to see if it retains its Spartacus naming, or they might simply use the PS Plus as the naming benchmark. Here’s hoping we get a clearer picture and announcement in the coming months to see what the future has in store for Sony players.

Source: Bloomberg

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