RUMOR: ‘Mortal Kombat 12’ To Be A Ported Version of MK11 With 50 Playable Characters

This year saw the end of Netherrealm Studios’ support for Mortal Kombat 11, much to the dismay of loyal fans such as myself, in order for the studio to focus on their next big IP. Rumors have swirled that the next IP was either going to be Injustice 3 or Mortal Kombat 12 but the recent word on the street is saying that it is indeed the next Mortal Kombat game with a twist.

According to an anonymous yet very specific Reddit post from 2 months ago, Mortal Kombat 12 is purported to be a Greatest Hits celebration of the recent trilogy, combining the roster from all three games (minus the licensed guest characters) into one big 50-character roster. The user claims that the game will essentially be a ported version of MK11 but simply with a ton of more characters including unplayable bosses. That likely means the game won’t go through a massive overhaul as each installment does and will have the same mechanics as MK11. Returning MK11 characters are said to play the exact same way, down to the movesets.

Now, normally a post like this isn’t of note in a sea of random internet leaks but a post from 4Chan that surfaced today is now making the same claim; that MK12 is indeed going to be a mishmash of the latest trilogy running on the same MK11 engine. Both posts claim that the game will be revealed next week in the Game Awards.

As with any anonymous internet rumor, it’s always good to take this with a grain of salt but the story is nonetheless very interesting. MK11 was an absolute blockbuster of a game, selling higher than any fighting game on the market. That Warner Bros. would just opt to make another version of it isn’t necessarily surprising. There are other details in each of those posts that aren’t mentioned here that talk about the delays and what happened to rumored Kombat Pack 3 for MK11.

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