First Look at Javicia Leslie’s New Batwoman Suit

It still was quite shocking when Ruby Rose decided to leave Batwoman after only one season. The actress decided her time on the show had come to an end, which led to the casting of our new Batwoman, Javicia Leslie. With production on the shows, second season recently picking up in Vancouver, set photos began to leak of Leslie‘s Ryan Wilder sporting Rose‘s original Batsuit. Yet, we suddenly had another set photo tease what might potentially be a new Batsuit for the next generation of heroes. It also included a new look at the show’s version of the Batmobile. Now, we got an official look at the suit we got teased in the blurry behind-the-scenes images.

The suit hasn’t been altered all that much with Wilder shedding the red wig that Kate had sewn into her cowl as a means for disguising herself. Leslie lets her natural hair flow with a bit of a red dye job towards the bottom. It also includes more red, as the new suit adds a set of red bracers to her forearms. It even looks like they raised the collar around her neck as a pseudo chin strap. While the changes seem minor, they allow Leslie to stand out and add her own flourishes to the role. We haven’t met her character, Ryan Wilder, in the show as of now, but she is set to make her comic book debut in Batgirl #50 set for release this week. It will be exciting to see how they will introduce her in the upcoming season, and which episode will showcase the new suit.

Source: Twitter

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