First Look at ‘Marvel’s Avengers’ War Machine Leaked

Marvel’s Avengers had a rough start but finally was able to clean out most of the major bugs. Sadly, this is a standard release for games of this kind. Still, we are not here to rest on the past but look at what the future may bring for this new gaming franchise. During the last War Table, Crystal Dynamics promised the reveal of a roadmap for their content. Sadly, we are still waiting for the official reveal as the developer focused on bugs and Quality-of-Life improvements. There was one glimmer of hope in the form of data miner @mmmmmmmmiller who shared a first look at the upcoming Wakanda expansion. Now, he went all out to give one more major reveal in the form of the War Machine design.

That is a beautiful design for Rhodey’s armor. War Machine is a heavier tank than Iron Man so they hopefully will lean into that fact. His ultimate might most likely be a barrage that we have seen in the films. It will be interesting to see how much he differs from the existing character. The inclusion of these echo characters is most likely so they can keep the meta alive in the game while two players can play a variant of the same character. He will also come with his own set of missions and a continuation of the existing storyline. We will see if they reveal him as part of the road map, as theories are he won’t be added until 2021. Still, it is great to have a hint at what is to come in this ever-expanding game.

Miller did also share some smaller tidbits in the form of audio files. He seemed to share files that confirmed that they already recorded reactions of Spider-Man, Captain Marvel, and Winter Soldier. There is one that he hasn’t revealed that seems to sound like what could be Vision. Yet, it also uses the word “win” which could potentially hint at some kind of PVP mode coming to the game. In my last journal entry, I stated that the game is a bit barebones. So, all we really need is more content with new mission types, environments, and loot to offer some more variety to the game. These service games can become an exciting prospect once it gets starting and we hopefully will get the reveal soon.

Source: Twitter

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