First Look at Mindy Kaling’s ‘Scooby-Doo’ Spinoff ‘Velma’

velma first look

Many were surprised when Mindy Kaling was working on a Scooby-Doo spinoff that would mainly focus on the character of Velma Dinkley. It would act as a prequel series, but still include the usual mystery format that made the franchise so popular. During Warner Bros. Discovery’s TV Upfront event, creator Mindy Kaling came on stage and offered the first look at the series, which you can see here:

It certainly is going to offer something more mind-blowing than we may have anticipated, as the series has been known to focus on a more adult audience even if animated. Still, no one probably would’ve guessed to see someone with their head chopped open and their brain missing. So, we might expect quite a lot of violence and murder in this spinoff series.

It’s unclear but the redhead could be Daphne Blake, as its uncertain if the rest of the Mystery Inc. gang will appear in the series in some capacity. Plus, they may also be reimagined such as Velma being South Asian in this series, which is a nice change of pace similar to how the Scoob! movie also being Hispanic, where she was voiced by Gina Rodriguez. The first look is promising and it’ll be interesting to see just what the series has to offer.

Source: Twitter

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