First Look at New Comic-Inspired ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ Promo Art

thor love and thunder promo

Thor: Love and Thunder’s trailer is still nowhere to be seen, but we’re still getting a few glimpses of the film from some promo art and merchandise that is finding its way online. So, we may still have to wait a little longer for some actual footage, but @lovethundernews has uncovered some more promotional material for the film with a comic-inspired cover that features Thor alongside Jane Foster’s Mighty Thor.

They aren’t alone, as the comic cover also includes Valkyrie and Korg. We even get a tease of Thor’s two goats that behind-the-scenes set photos revealed would be joining the upcoming production. It certainly looks like we’ll get to spend some time with Tanngrisnir and Tanngrnjostr in the upcoming film if they are heavily featured in the promotional material.

For now, the merchandise is the only thing carrying us over until we actually get our first look of both in action. Gorr is noticeably absent from all merchandise, which means they are mainly focusing on the heroes for most of the promotional material. Of course, he was included in the Marvel Legends leak but that was our only real look at him so far.

Still, it’s a great design and comic-inspired designs were always a great addition to merchandise. It’s great to see Korg get a stronger focus, as he was a stand-out character in Thor: Ragnarok. We’ll see if he has a bigger role in the upcoming film and how his life has been since King Valkyrie took over.

Source: Mercari via Twitter

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