FIRST LOOK: Clint Barton’s 70’s Era Muscle Car from the Set of “HAWKEYE”

Filming on the upcoming Marvel Studios Disney Plus streaming series Hawkeye got underway in Brookly this week and, from what we’ve seen, it is evident that the show is heavily influenced by the Matt Fraction and David Aja run that began in 2012. While we’ve known this to be the case for some time now, I think the set photos we’ve seen so far may indicate a more direct visual adaptation than many fans were expecting and now we’ve got an exclusive first look at something else than fans of the run are sure to recognize even if it does look a bit different: Clint’s 70’s era muscle car!

Edward Baker was able to locate this 70’s Buick Gran Sport sneakily parked around the corner from where filming was taking place on Wednesday. During his time there, he also overheard the crew discussing how they had hoped to procure a more comic-accurate 70’s era Challenger, but ended up with this GS. So no, this isn’t just some car that happened to be parked on set and, to be honest, when I heard the scene that was being shot I asked Baker to snoop around and see if he could find a 70’s Challenger and moments later, he found this GS.

Clint’s car is part of one of the most exciting issues of Fraction’s run. In issue #3, Clint buys a 70’s Challenger from a woman he just met (and may have slept with) and then immediately proceeds to have it stolen by the tracksuit mafia, get it back by having Kate crash her car into it, and then demolish it over the course of a wild high-speed chase through NYC in which he manages to deploy pretty much every one of his “trick” arrows.

Should Marvel Studios plan to recreate this crazy car chase, it wouldn’t necessarily have to do so over the course of the next week, but that would certainly make things more NYC authentic. The car chase culminates on what I think is the George Washington Bridge (I’m not a New Yorker, I’m just guessing here!), so while the streets of Georgia could easily be used for a car chase, it would be hard to replicate the bridge. We’ll keep an eye out for you and see if they are in fact going for the big time car chase in the series.

UPDATE: David Aja has clarified it was in fact the GWB.




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