‘Deadpool: Samurai’ Manga Series Announced at Tokyo Comic Con

It seems that Deadpool is heading to Japan. Marvel and JUMP have collaborated on a brand new manga series, Deadpool Samurai, which got announced at Tokyo Comic-Con. Interestingly enough, this series was initially released as a one-shot back in October, which was written by Sanshiro Kasama with art by Hikaru Uesugi. As the name implies, the story follows Deadpool’s escapades in Japan’s Edo period, where he took on various samurai with his usual wacky humor. To break the fourth wall completely, he was the only one that was his usual self with plenty of references to the larger Marvel universe. It looks like the one-shot was a big success that they ordered an ongoing series for Shonen Jump that will go into serialization as of December 10th.

There is no English release currently planned, but we can expect it to hit the West in the future. It is great to see the series continue, as the original one-shot was hilarious. We get introduced to our main character pretending to be a baby while trying to intimidate a group of samurais. In the middle of the battle, he is reading a JUMP magazine, so he seems to care even less about continuity in this series, especially how he solves a hostage situation.



It will be interesting to see how they turn this into an ongoing series, as the one-shot is quite removed from the overall Marvel universe. There is a cameo by Wolverine at the end confirming he misused a time-machine, but mangas commonly have overarching stories. He might get stuck in that timeline and meets copies of the original Marvel characters that lived during this period. Not like Deadpool cares about continuity, so anything is possible.

Source: Twitter, ComicBook

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