First ‘Mortal Kombat’ Promises R-Rated Action

mortal kombat trailer

It has been a long wait but finally, the first trailer to Warner Bros.’s latest adaptation of the iconic Mortal Kombat franchise has been released. Originally the film was going to debut in January but was postponed, while the production company tried to figure out how to approach the upcoming year. Now, it is included in WB’s new hybrid strategy, where they premiere their entire 2021 line-up simultaneously on HBO Max and in theaters.



The trailer starts with a bank, as we see poor Jax’s defeat at the hands of Sub-Zero. It includes teases of the film’s impressive cast of characters from the game. Lewis Tan is also playing an original character that will be introduced as the viewer’s surrogate. It also looks like Kano might have a very different role once the film starts, as we see him on the side of Earthrealm. He is famous for betraying people, so they might have some larger plans moving forward.

The trailer certainly promises some great-looking action sequences. It also stayed true to Mortal Kombat traditions by having Sub-Zero and Skorpion fight each in the first trailer. It also confirms that they will embrace the R-rating that made the franchise so iconic and controversial back in the day. The moment Sub-Zero turns blood into a frozen dagger was a really impressive showcase of what is possible with these characters. We also got a variety of character posters some time ago, which highlighted the film’s massive cast. I cannot wait to see it when it premieres on April 16th.

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