‘Fortnite’: Leak Offers First Look at ‘Hawkeye’-Inspired Skins

fortnite hawkeye

It’s already been a few weeks since Marvel Studios’ last Diseny+ series, Hawkeye, ended its run. We explored the story of Clint Barton and Kate Bishop, as they faced an unlikely challenge in the return of Vincent D’Onofrio‘s Kingpin. It was only a question of time until the new designs of these iconic characters make their way to other media, and it looks like Fortnite had some big plans for the characters that ended up leaking earlier.

@ralisdumb has shared the loading screen for the two new skins, which continues to prove that Epic Games found the perfect animation style for its skins in Fortnite. It seems like they can perfectly adapt any type of medium into the game, as it now includes live-action characters, animation, and who knows what else might get added in the future.

I do love the aesthetic they took to highlight the skins, as it has this neon noir take on the rings. The Disney+ series mostly has a Christmas aesthetic and takes a lot of inspiration from the My Life as a Weapon storyline, which had a flat design. So, the Fortnite take on the design is a great way to not only make the new skins stand out but also give it a unique spin.

Source: Twitter

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