‘Godzilla vs. Kong’ Sequel Eyeing a Production Start Later This Year

godzila vs kong sequel production

Godzilla vs. Kong was the film to revive the box office after the pandemic kept the entire industry on its toes. At the same time, it even managed to revive the franchise that was facing a bit of a downward spiral in its box office performance. Luckily, its success not only led to Adam Wingard getting signed on for the next MonsterVerse entry but also led to Apple TV+ getting its hands on a spinoff series. After a long bout of silence, it looks like the sequel film is finally picking up the pace.

It is currently eyeing a production start later this year and will return to Australia. Gold Coast and Southeast Queensland will once again become the home for the latest MonsterVerse film, making it the third time. It’ll receive $11.8M through the federal government with an additional $4.66M subsidy being offered through the state screen agency. Producer Eric McLeod had the following to say:

The highly skilled crews, first-rate facilities, and unique locations make filming in Australia a great experience. The support from both the federal government as well as Queensland has always been critical to our success in achieving a high level of filmmaking and an unparalleled audience experience.

Eric McLeod

It’s crazy that we haven’t heard anything about the project in some time, and now it’s already eyeing a productions tart. We have no real idea what the future has in store for the franchise, but there have been hints that it may explore a storyline focusing on the aftermath for Kong rather than Godzilla, who kickstarted the franchise. It’s also strange they aren’t building up multiple entries, as there is a surprising amount of silence on the project. So, we’ll see if this announcement builds up to a potential reveal on its title and direction.

Source: Twitter, Variety

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