‘Gotham Knights’ Series in The Works at The CW

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The CW just doesn’t seem to want to stop at this point and continues to expand its Arrowverse even after the death of the character that gave it its name. With new series like Superman and Lois, Naomi, and Stargirl releasing over the last few years, this multiverse just seems to be growing in every direction at this point. And they aren’t done yet, as there’s a new branch splitting off with another series set in Gotham focusing on the youth that will soon become Gothams newest protectors.

Some of the team behind Batwoman have banded together on an all-new project titled Gotham Knights, with no correlation to the upcoming video game, nor is it Batwoman spin-off. Natalie Abrams, James Stoteraux, and Chad Fivestash are the names behind the project with Stoteraux and Fivestash set to serve as executive producers on the project. No casting has been made on the project and all that is known is a brief synopsis provided in the initial report.

in the wake of Bruce Wayne’s murder, his rebellious adopted son forges an unlikely alliance with the children of Batman’s enemies when they are all framed for killing the Caped Crusader. And as the city’s most wanted criminals, this renegade band of misfits must fight to clear their names. But in a Gotham with no Dark Knight to protect it, the city descends into the most dangerous it’s ever been. However, hope comes from the most unexpected of places as this team of mismatched fugitives will become its next generation of saviors known as the Gotham Knights.

By the sound of that synopsis, the lead looks to be either Dick Grayson or Jason Todd, but the CW is notorious for changing things up drastically. As far as children of Batman’s most famous rogues go, we could be looking at characters like Cassandra Cain, Rose Wilson, or maybe even Helena Wayne. It’s currently unknown just how and where this series will fit into the overall Arrowverse as we await more details.

Source: Variety

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