‘Hawkeye’ Director Rhys Thomas Plays Coy on a Potential Season 2

hawkeye season 2

It caught everyone’s eye when Hawkeye‘s final episode was called a “season finale“. We all expected an announcement in the series’ post-credit sequence but we were surprised by the fully filmed musical number from the Rogers musical. While a hilarious addition on the same level as the “patience” post-credit from Spider-Man: Homecoming, we were still left with some questions. In an interview with Collider, director Rhys Thomas was asked about a potential second season, where he only stated that:

I cannot speak to future plans in the tradition of secrecy. Again, the show coming out, you never know how it’s going to be received and it has been amazing to see how warmly people have taken it and enjoyed it. And it’s been great to see Hailee’s character embraced and sort of land so firmly in the MCU. I sincerely look forward to where that character goes next. And yes, I loved walking on the streets of the MCU and would gladly enjoy doing it again.

Rhys Thomas

So, it looks like they’re still sticking to that remaining a secret for now, but it’s interesting that Thomas didn’t give a clear “no” when discussing it. We might get an announcement in the near future, as we still anticipate what the future of Disney+ has in store for us. We’ll see what series we can expect in 2022 and when. Here’s hoping the wait isn’t too long until we find out.

Source: Collider

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