HBO Max Developing an Animated ‘Game of Thrones’ Series

game of thrones animated

Game of Thrones is rapidly expanding. In addition to the prequel House of Dragons, HBO is looking into adding various brand new original series. So far, only The Tales of Dunk and Egg was confirmed to be in some form of development. Well, it seems that HBO Max has set their eyes on adding an animated project into their list of adaptations. According to Variety, the series is in the very early stages of development. Currently, there is no writer or talent attached to the project.

It isn’t too surprising that they are also looking into another medium to expand the franchise, as other shows have started to test out animated shows. Just last year, we got a new animated series for Star Trek titled Lower Decks. It added a unique comedy to the classic sci-fi epic. HBO Max seems to be mapping out its future line-up, as the latest rumors also hinted at an original Harry Potter series is being developed for the streaming service.

The interesting question will be if this adaptation will stick to the adult themes of the original. I doubt they will be trying to create a child-friendly version of the franchise, so we could see something closer to Netflix’s Castlevania once it releases. They might use this opportunity to explore stories that would be too expensive in live-action, such as a project exploring the Night King. As an animated series takes quite a bit of time, this series might not release before 2024. Until then, we have House of Dragons to fill the void that the last season of Game of Thrones left in our hearts.

Source: Variety

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