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First Trailer For the Snyder Cut Released

Last month’s news that WB was working with director Zack Snyder to complete his original vision for The Justice League still has fans buzzing, especially with Snyder confirming he will be participating in DC FanDome coming up in August. With all that going on, they certainly didn’t need any more buzz about the project, but they created some more today by releasing a teaser trailer for the film giving fans their first look at Darkseid!

The opening of the teaser gives off a really great Indiana Jones vibe and presents what seems to be a completely different tone from the film that was released in theaters in 2017. The Darkseid tease actually works better than the payoff of seeing the Lord of Apokolips in the teaser’s second half, but given time and money to finish the project, Snyder is likely to pull of something impressive.

The Snyder Cut of The Justice League is headed to HBO Max sometime in 2021!

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